Google improves Gmail and Calender App for iPhone and Android

Changes in the Gmail App for iPhone and Android make for much easier navigation and the floaty bar makes admin a breeze. Find out more.

You are reading: Google improves Gmail and Calender App for iPhone and Android

Earlier this week Google announced that it has made enhancements to the way that Gmail and the Google Calender application are used through the browser on the iPhone and Android-powered devices.

Changes have been made to the user interface to make the applications easier to navigate and make searching within email inbox a lot more simple, ultimately make emailing easier from these mobile devices.

The main change that has been introduced is the new ‘Floaty Bar’, this is a navigation bar that simply floats at the top of the screen as users scroll down their inbox, which means that they can easily archive and delete emails without having to scroll back to the top of the page.

Google has also introduced the ability to start the application, access recently read mail and compose new messages whilst offline.

The new calender feature means that users can edit and respond to their recorded events without having to be connected to a network, just like Gmail.

The classics links, Gmail, Calender and other mobile apps have now been placed in an easily accessible navigation bar across the top of the screen, all helping to ease the process and user experience when accessing these small mobile devices.

Across the top navigation bar there is also a ‘more’ drop down menu, which allows easy access to a full list of mobile applications, making navigation quick and simple.

Users can even add Gmail to their Home Screen making accessing Gmail and the other mobile applications just a click away. So why not give it a go?

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