My Five #93

From Jon Snow’s moving piece on the children of Gaza to a coffee with Eric Schmidt and a 5yr old ‘dealing’ with mortality, what has caught Joe’s eye this week?

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Five things worth sharing from the last week (or so), brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

This week’s My Five is by Joe.

1. The new face of journalism

Actually, it is not new at all, but this week reminded me how much journalism has changed and the potency that the internet offers when it comes to spreading the word.

What am I talking about? If you have been online this past week, I suspect you will have seen signs pointing to Jon Snow’s report on his return from Gaza? A very moving piece that looks at the human cost (especially the cost to children) of the conflict in Gaza.

It was a Channel 4 news piece, but I wonder how many people saw it when first broadcast versus the number that have subsequently seen it online. Whilst marketers still pile millions into advertising on the linear broadcast stream, you have to wonder how long that will last. Television may well still retain the glamour, but which channel has the greatest reach?

In case you somehow managed to miss it, here is what Jon had to say:

The children of Gaza: Jon Snow's experience in the Middle East

2. Traffic wardens or journalists : who gets the most abuse?

Willard Foxton wrote an interesting piece at which is definitely worth a read.

He looks at the abuse that is routinely dished out online by anonymous ‘trolls’. There is no doubt that people tend to unleash online where they may be more reserved if in a physical discussion / debate but will preventing anonymity be the answer to preventing the vitriol?

Judging by the comments on the article and some of the feedback on Twitter, it is clear that the trolls are still out in force.

3. What would you say to Eric Schmidt?

One of the more interesting auctions I have seen for a while – Charitybuzz is currently hosting an auction for a coffee and 30 minutes of time with Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt.

They estimate the value to be $50k and bidding has already topped $10k, with 13 days left, so it will be interesting to see how much that raises.

Worth considering, if you have fairly deep pockets and can get to New York. Probably the most expensive coffee that you will ever have but it would be an interesting one.

What would your killer question be? Personally, I would like to hear him explain why there are privacy issues with sharing keyword data for organic searches, but it is OK to share the information if you are paying for it via the Adwords platform.

4. The rise and rise of 3D printing

Ashley Friedlein 3D3D printing is all the rage. The potential that the technology offers is genuinely exciting. No more having to source / order / wait for anything – you can just print it out at home…

Whilst I have read a lot about it and find it fascinating, I have never really had any personal experience of it so was intrigued by my brother’s post about his experience of having himself printed in 3D over on the Econsultancy blog.

It is a bit weird seeing a sibling printed out in plastic and I am not really sure what I think of it but there is no doubt that the technology is improving at a rapid pace and it is becoming more and more affordable. How long is it until you download spare parts for your bike or your next party frock? Some interesting thoughts in the comments on the blog post…

5. And finally…

It is Friday and you are supposed to have a laugh on Friday. I couldn’t help laughing at this video of a 5 year old struggling with the inevitability of ageing and her own mortality:

Sadie doesn't want her brother to grow up (ORIGINAL)

Poor Sadie! Her brother looks like a legend.

Have a fantastic weekend.


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