My Five #85

The truth about link building, football fever, the Loch Ness Monster, Happy birthday Bing and 70 year D-Day anniversary celebrations. What has caught Joe’s eye this week?

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Five things worth sharing from the last week (or so), brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

This week’s My Five is by Joe.

1. The grim truth about SEO?

I have written and spoken about the ‘death’ of SEO on many occasions. To be honest, I am slightly bored of it myself as there can be no doubt that good online visibility will help drive targeted traffic to a website and search engines remain arguably the most potent source of such traffic.

I did, however, really enjoy and some of the comments. A brutally frank post that will no doubt raise some eyebrows and fuel the debate, but definitely worth a read and ponder.

2. Football fever

You may have noticed that there is a football tournament on the very near horizon…

Predictably, it has been fairly hard to escape all sorts of commentary about the tournament, but one that caught my eye this week was Google Maps tours of the world cup stadiums. Not quite as good as going in person, but an easy way to feel like you are there?

3. Jump aboard the Loch Ness Monster

Another Google Maps story – a nice easter egg was uncovered this week which introduces an interesting new form of transport.

If you ask for directions from Fort Augustus to Urquhart Castle, you can now choose to travel with the Loch Ness Monster.  28 minutes of sheer fun.

Have a look for yourself (click on route options)

4. Happy Birthday Bing

Bing, the ‘decision engine’ launched in 2009, celebrated its 5th birthday on the 3rd June.

A blossoming love affair with Apple and mobile search will certainly help grow usage stats but few would argue that, five years on, it poses a real threat to the mighty Google. This is especially true outside the US, where Bing enjoys its greatest market share.

The birthday didn’t really seem to create much of a stir online, but I enjoyed reading

5. Lest We Forget

70 years ago today, the battle to liberate Europe was underway.

It is all too easy to forget the sacrifices that were made not many generations ago and I have been pleased to see the media coverage of the 70 year anniversary celebrations.

A personal highlight for me has been 89 year old Jock Hutton’s jump with the Red Devils. Being based next to home of 2 and 3 Para, we often see the Red Devils in action but this brought a real smile to my face:

D-Day hero jumps from plane aged 89

#proudtobebritish #thankyou

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