My Five #107

A cereal cafe, a CGI penguin, some genuinely helpful advice and a bunch of epic firework fails – it’s all in this week’s My Five.

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Five things worth sharing from the last week or so, brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

This week’s My Five is by Matt.

1. Coco plops

Residents of t’interweb have been up in arms for the latter part of this week, all because a couple of bearded, Shoreditch-dwelling nitwits have decided to open a cafe, which will serve nothing but breakfast cereals.

Cereal Killer Cafe will offer over 100 different cereals, which “diners” will be able to enjoy with any combination of 12 varieties of milk and 20 types of topping.

As the old saying goes, ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’. If this is the case then the brothers behind the Cereal Killer Cafe will be laughing, because they’ve certainly had their fair share of negative press this week.

Despite a frosty reception *ahem* the cafe is all set to open in the near future, and I say good luck to them. Stupider things have succeeded, afterall.

2. Christmas ads a go go

Nothing encapsulates the spirit of Christmas like a million pound ad campaign.

Last year John Lewis stole the show with The Bear and the Hare, and they’ve set the bar high again this year with Monty’s Penguin – the tale of a boy, Sam and his CGI penguin, Monty.

Love it? Hate it? Either way you’re going to be seeing a lot of it between now and December 25th.

3. Alex from Target

Earlier this week an image of a fresh-faced Target employee, Alex Laboeuf went viral. The Bieber-esque cashier became an overnight internet sensation, aided heavily by an army of swooning tween fans. All because he’s just so dreamy.

As a result, Alex gained half a million new Twitter followers, an interview with Ellen DeGeneres and most importantly a heap of his very own memes.


It turns out it was all manufactured – a social experiment conducted by tech startup Breakr. All was revealed in a LinkedIn post, titled “#AlexFromTarget: The Power of Fangirls

Breakr CEO, Dil-Domine Jacobe Leonares wrote, “We wanted to see how powerful the fangirl demographic was by taking a unknown good-looking kid and Target employee from Texas to overnight viral internet sensation”.

It would seem that the answer to that is ‘very’.

The discussion rages on, but needless to say the whole charade has left a lot of people, namely teenage girls very disappointed indeed.

4. How to breathe life into new content

This article on Econsultancy offers some great advice about making the most out of your old content.

“Just because something has been active for a few years, doesn’t mean it should be left to rust. Have a look through your analytics and see if there are any sleeping giants waiting to be awoken.”

Sound advice indeed.

5. 15 spectacular firework fails

Did you enjoy the fireworks this week? I can imagine you had a better time than these people (possible NSFW language).

Here’s my pick of the bunch, enjoy.

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