My Five #103

Facebook targeted marketing, Hairgate, Slammin’ Sam and The Carlton. Find out what else has caught Josh’s eye in this week’s My Five.

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Five things worth sharing from the last week (or so), brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

This week’s My Five is by Josh.

1. Facebook introduces Atlas

Facebook is looking to surpass Google when it comes to remarketing and advertising across all platforms. Currently many ads have problems when it comes to cookies traversing the various means we access the internet, with different browsers only allowing for certain ads to be displayed. Here’s a little diagram to give you a brief insight:

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Atlas, however, will enable advertisers to follow Facebook users based on their preferences and information across desktop AND mobile platforms such as safari, apps and android. Makes you think about what you’ve been putting on Facebook and what’s going to be following you around, doesn’t it?

Here’s the full article from Econsultancy

2. Another “Gate” for the iPhone 6

It appears that people love to tar Apple products with some sort of “Gate” story. First we had “Bendgate” and now we have “Hairgate”. When will it end I ask you, WHEN?!

This one is all about the teeny, tiny seam in between the screen and the aluminium body catching people’s hair and pulling it out. I mean come on! Are we at that point where we need to pick fault with everything? My questions is, how close are people holding the phone to their face for it to catch their beard hair? I have a mental image of people trying to eat their phone whilst talking into it. An idea? Dont cover your phone with your hair, whether it’s on your face or head.

I knew my lack of ability to grow a beard and short back and sides haircut would come good one day!

3. So, how well does Google really know you?

Ever wondered why certain Ads keep popping up on your Google searches? Well, now you can learn why. Type “Google Ad Settings” into the search bar; and click “Ad Settings”. This will bring you to a page with a few details about you. Then, click on ‘Interests’ to reveal what Google thinks you will be interested in. It’s quite an eye opener to be honest although I’m pretty sure I’ve never searched “Reggaeton” in my life.

Here’s an article on it from the Daily Mirror

4. Slammin’ Sam

There’s quite a bit I could talk about with regards to rugby. I could talk about Wigan Warriors facing off against our bitter rivals St. Helens in the Super League Grand Final. I could talk about my beloved Wasps moving from their High Wycombe home to Coventry. I could talk about Stuart Lancaster’s new contract as England Head Coach but no, instead I’m going to talk about “Slammin” Sam Burgess. The man touted as the next big League convert to come to Union a la Jason Robinson, Andy Farrell, Sonny Bill Williams etc. There are talks of him making it to the World Cup 2015 England squad (well that is why he’s been brought in) but I want to talk about his last game for the South Sydney Rabbitohs. For those that don’t know, the Rabbitohs are a team owned by Russell “Maximus Decimus Meridius” Crowe, with 4 Burgess brothers on the roster, who have just won the NRL Championship. The reason I mention Sam in particular is that he broke (shattered) his cheekbone during the first tackle of the match but still played on for the full 80 minutes. What a guy! Sam Burgess, you sir, get my “My Five Salute!”

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5. “The Carlton”

Alfonso Ribiero was Carlton Banks in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He had a dance to Tom Jones. He’s kinda famous for it you know? Well here he is doing for the masses on America’s Dancing With The Stars. ENJOY!

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