How to Make a Lookalike Audience in Ads Manager

Guest writer, Ilan Nass, talks us through duplicating a Facebook audience and how this can enhance your social media marketing.

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Facebook Saved Audiences are a powerful tool that allow you to achieve the same or better results in much less time. While a “Duplicate Saved Audience” tool would be convenient, there’s unfortunately no feature available to streamline this process.

Fortunately, there’s a relatively simple workaround that enables marketers to duplicate an existing audience. This article will take you through each step of duplicating an audience and explain why this ability is so important for Facebook marketing.

How do saved audiences work?

Once you create a Saved Audience, it becomes available for use in future campaigns. This is especially helpful if you’ve identified a subset of your target audience that tends to convert more than the rest.

Audiences can be viewed under the Assets tab in either Ads Manager or Business Manager. While you can create, edit, and delete audiences, there isn’t an option to duplicate an existing audience.

Manually duplicating an audience

Duplicating an audience allows you to make changes to the copy that won’t affect the original. If you’d like to create an even narrower group based on the first audience, for example, you can use this workaround to make adjustments while still directing other ads toward the larger audience.

Start by checking the box in Business or Ads Manager for the audience you’re interested in duplicating. Then click “Edit” and change the name to the name of the new audience. Finally, make any other adjustments you want to affect the duplicate audience.

This workaround is much quicker than creating a completely new audience from scratch, making it a major time-saver for Facebook marketers. You’ll be able to build numerous variants of a single base audience without spending more than a few minutes customizing each one.

Final steps

After making the desired changes, simply click “Save as New” rather than “Update.” Rather than making your adjustments to the original audience, this workaround will create an entirely new audience.

Now that you’ve created a new audience, it should be visible in your list of Saved Audiences. You’ll be able to target that audience directly or even make another duplicate based on the updated version.

Facebook offers more targeting tools than any other platform, and the best marketers take full advantage of the platform’s features and analytics. Using this short workaround to duplicate an existing Saved Audience will save you lots of time when creating several similar audiences.

Ilan Nass is the founder and chief strategist at Taktical Digital, a team of dedicated, data-driven, passionate internet marketers based in New York. With 9 years experience, Ilan is an experienced performance marketer helping B2B and B2C companies grow.

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