Customising your AdWords ad copy for conversions

There are loads of ways to dynamically change your PPC ad copy to make it more enticing and click-worthy. Read on to find out how…

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When creating AdWords campaigns, ad copy is extremely important – it’s the bit that entices the user to click through to your website where you’ll then (hopefully) convert them into a customer.

There are loads of different ways to seduce someone into clicking on an ad; Promoting an engaging offer, highlighting free, fast delivery, or showcasing a very tempting price… and now you can include real-time updates too. Read on to find out more!

Countdown Customisers

Add a feeling of urgency to attract clicks – let the user know that the offer won’t last forever. This can now be done automatically with countdown customisers.

These are ideal for advertisers that have loads of different products with different price reductions or sales running for a particular length of time. This can be almost impossible to keep up with manually so the real-time customisers can do it for you.

Ad customizers

Advertisers have to create a data sheet that lists the product, price, discount and date the offer ends and then Google matches that with someone searching for the item you are selling, showing them your dynamic ad.

Target by Keyword

If you have a large catalogue of products on sale on your site, you can customise your ads and target users by keyword.

Advertisers can create a data sheet for their stock by keyword and give details about how many they have left in stock, and when a particular discounted price finishes:

adwords ad customisers

For more information visit:

Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Another way to lure clicks is to include the keywords that the user types in their search query in your ad copy headline. Dynamic keyword insertion allows you to do this without the need for data sheets.

One way to do this is by having extremely granular ad groups with one keyword phrase in each ad group and having that phrase as the headline. An easier way is to have slightly bigger ad groups, where the keywords are still very closely related, and use dynamic keyword insertion for your ad headline.

To use these just write {KeyWord:Default Text} as your headline and as long as the user’s search query is less than 25 characters long, Google will insert it as the headline (and it will appear in bold). If the query is longer than 25 characters it’ll use the default text, so write something in there that is closely related to the keywords in the group.

Dynamic Remarketing

You can create dynamic ads is using dynamic remarketing, this works with your data feed in Google Merchant centre to generate product ads based on the products that have been viewed by the user on the site.

These generally only work for large advertisers with a large catalogue of products in their Merchant centre account, so may not apply to all.

If you need help setting up and/or managing PPC campaigns then please do get in touch, we’d love to help!

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