New AI Tools for Meta Advertisers

AI is not going away and now Meta has launched some new AI tools to help its advertisers. Find out all you need to know here.

Ashleigh Davison

Google’s AI-powered search engine

Google’s Search Generative Experience is bringing new AI features to Search. Here is a rundown of what we know so far.

Rosey Bowring

7 AI tools for marketers

From copywriting to social media and branding, here are some handy AI tools that can assist various aspects of your marketing task load.

Rosey Bowring

Social media marketing in 2023

Social media can be a powerful marketing tool when used efficiently. Here are some tips and statistics to help you streamline your social media strategy.

Rosey Bowring

Using your own data for PR

Find out what data your company already has that you could use for PR, and what to bear in mind along the way.

Kerry Sheahan

Google’s March 2023 core algorithm update

Google has announced the rollout of its latest core algorithm update. More information will be released after implementation, but here’s what you can do now.

Rosey Bowring

7 things ChatGPT can’t do

Whilst it can write a reasonably decent poem about badgers, ChatGPT can’t use up to date information or write with your company’s tone of voice in mind, amongst other things.

Kerry Sheahan