Tablets rocking the mobile world (again)

Yet another report shows the importance of the iPad in ‘mobile’ e-commerce. Is it really that surprising to see high revenue stats when Google Analytics counts it as a mobile device? Why is a lap top not a mobile device?

Joe Friedlein

SEO Agency 101

What does the UK SEO agency landscape look like? An infographic showing how many UK SEO agencies practice what they preach – how active are they in social media and how much content are they producing when they tell us that content is king?

Guest Writer

Online Ad Spending to grow by over 23% in 2012

It’s been revealed in a report carried out by eMarketer that ad spend in the US will surpass that spent on print advertising in 2012.

Ashleigh Davison

Google restricts Maps API usage

Earlier this year Google announced it was going to apply costs and limitations to the Maps API – that time has come

Joe Friedlein