The latest Google AdWords (and other PPC) updates – June and July 2018

Yes, it’s the PPC update. And yes, it has dog pictures. You can peek if you want, but you’re only ruining it for yourself.

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Where has the time gone, eh? The sun has got his hat on (hip-hip-hip-hooray), ice cream has become one of the main food groups, and now I’ve shown up with the bi-monthly roundup of PPC updates. Could life get any better than that? Probably, yes.

As per the previous updates, there are dog pictures at the end. You can peek if you want, but you’re only ruining it for yourself.

1. Google AdWords gets a new name

As well as giving the interface a refresh, Google has decided that after 18 years, it’s time for AdWords to be given a new name. Ready?


Google Ads.


The final switch over to Google Ads will be on 24 July. More on why they have changed the brand here.

2. Feeding frenzy

For a long time, it’s been considered a bit of a pain to create a Merchant Centre feed for sites with a large inventory. Finally, Google has a solution: Automated Shopping Feeds. This means that retailers can generate a product feed right from their website.

More recent updates to Google Shopping can be found here.

3. How about this, instead?

Some eagle-eyed PPC chaps may have noticed that a popular organic feature has crept into paid search – the keyword suggestion box.

If you perform a search, click an ad, and then hit the back button, there’s a good chance you’ll be presented with some suggestions under ‘People also search for’:


Could prove to be handy for keyword research, especially as Google has been combining similar search queries together for some time now.

4. Speed matters

Yes, I know we’ve heard it a thousand times before, but speed really does matter – especially on mobile.

Google has been harping on about it for yonks, and has now integrated a tool that evaluates mobile speed score into Google Ads.

There are loads of tools you can use to test mobile site speed, including this snazzy one from Google which pits your load times against your competitors, and helps you calculate how much revenue you could be losing.

5. Refreshed reporting

More integration from Google. This time, Google Ads and Google Sheets can be linked to create reports quickly and easily via this Chrome plugin.

OK, so let’s not get too excited, because so far, it’s in beta, and judging by the feedback, there are definitely some bugs to be squashed. Plus, I’ve tried to create what I consider to be some pretty basic reports, and it doesn’t have the functionality I need to save me time. This could be a major time saver, so let’s hope Google works to polish it further! Give it a go, and let them know what you think here.

6. Get a room

As well as the myriad of other changes to Google Ads coming this year, Google Hotel Ads is also being integrated into the platform. According to Google, advertisers will be able to manage Hotel campaigns alongside other paid search activity, with improved reporting and functionality to help increase ROI.


Because there *are* other paid search options…

7. Bing Ads makes bulk edits to targeting easier

Bing Ads has released an update to its interface that allows targeting settings to be managed in bulk. This means that location targeting, ad schedule targeting, and device targeting settings can now all be changed from the same place, cutting down time spent faffing between each campaign individually.

This can be accessed from the Settings tab, where advertisers will find options to manage Locations, Ad schedule, and Devices.

8. New Instagram ad features for all

While it was only big brands with access to this feature, the Shopping Bag icon is now being rolled out to other advertisers. It allows advertisers to add product information and links so users can purchase the product straight from a brand’s Instagram Stories.


Collection ads, which includes an in-feed swipeable carousel of multiple products and images, is also now available to everyone. There are some great possibilities for creative with this ad format, and it will be interesting to see how brands use them to drive sales. Find out more about Instagram ads here.

9. Facebook tests AR ads

Facebook is already pretty creepy when it comes to how it uses your data to serve you ads, but now, it’s testing out augmented reality ads on its users, too.

If you’ve ever wondered what you’ll look like in a pair of sunglasses before you buy them, or want to envisage how a new lamp would look in your living room, then I guess this is a handy feature for users. Albeit a creepy one.

And finally…

It’s very hot out there for dogs at the moment, so make sure you walk them in the morning and evening when it’s cooler, take plenty of water, and make sure that they don’t burn their pads on hot road surfaces. And if you dare leave them in a car in this weather, I’ve got a brick with your windshield’s name on it. Lecture over. Please clap your hands and nod approvingly for…

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