9 World Cup ads that aren’t fooling anyone

A roundup of World Cup ads that aren’t fooling anyone, featuring Samsung, McDonald’s, Currys and more…

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England’s inevitable World Cup exit seems to have been met with one of two reactions.

For some, the departure of Roy Hodgson’s team is almost a relief. It presents an opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy watching the remainder of the tournament, free from stress and the burden of false expectation.

For others, England’s World Cup departure signifies the end of the tournament: TV off, flags down and half completed Panini sticker album abandoned, it’s time to forget about international football and let normal life resume.

Except that can’t happen, because everywhere you turn the World Cup is there, being smashed into your face with all the subtlety of a Nigel De Jong chest-height tackle.

Even my lunch is at it today.

It shouldn’t come as surprise to see brands jumping aboard the World Cup bandwagon – it’s a ride they’re more than entitled to take – but it does humour me the lengths some go to in order to make their offering appear someway football related.

Here’s a quick roundup of World Cup ads that aren’t fooling anyone.

Head & Shoulders

Here’s Joe Hart trying to convince us that shampoo makes him better at saving penalties.



Here’s Joe Hart again, this time failing to save a penalty, presumably because he’s eaten too many crisps. Or maybe he’s got shampoo in his eyes.



Gillette has been flogging the sporting connection for for so long now that it almost has us convinced that shaving has something to do with sport. Unless that sport is someway related to having the softest face, it doesn’t. Oh look, it’s Joe Hart again.



Gender stereotyping at it’s finest – lads like gardening shows too you know…



Cool trick shots, done by people who have probably never been near a Macky D’s in their life. I’d like to see this lad kick a ball into a moving bin.


Beats by Dre

“if it was any more full of itself, it would end with a shot of Jesus coming down from heaven on a cloud listening to a rubbish Skrillex remix with a berkish pair of overpriced status-symbol headphones wrapped around his stupid holy head.” – www.theguardian.com. I couldn’t have put it better myself.




“Every 4 years there is a beautiful moment when the world forgets its differences and unites in its love of the beautiful game. A moment so powerful, the air buzzes with energy and millions will come together to hope, believe and rise as one.”  Would you like cheese with that cheese?




If there was ever an example of style over substance, this is surely it. There’s an entire series of these videos, none of which seem to make any sense at all.




There are no words.

Coach Gruden Knows Fútbol


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