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In a competitive market where timing is everything, Peter tells us more about what drove Prime Appointments to build a mobile app.

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Prime Appointments AppPeter Holmes, Director at Prime Appointments.

Offering an unrivalled recruitment experience, Prime Appointments is an independent recruitment agency for Essex and Suffolk. The specialist team of experienced consultants work across six divisions, recruiting for temporary and permanent positions.

In a competitive market where timing is everything, Peter tells us more about what drove Prime Appointments to build a mobile app.

You launched a mobile app, why?

We see the app as an important extension of our website and a valuable tool for our candidates. The app provides a different service to our website because not only can you search for all of our available jobs at any time, but you can also save your preferred searches. Another key feature for us was daily notifications, which pushes through new job opportunities as soon as they are released. Our website does not do this, you need to research each time you look.

Realtime alerts aside, it is also significantly quicker and easier to do a job search on the app than it is on mobile via our website.

We also see the app as an indicator to prospective clients that we are a modern business and understand the needs of our target audience, even if they don’t download it.

Tell us a bit about the app

The app tells users about the Company with a short video, as well as easy access to our contact details. More importantly, it allows users to immediately search for jobs that fit their criteria. With daily notifications of new jobs as they are advertised, the app keeps users informed so when the perfect opportunity arises they don’t miss out.

Prime Appointments App Screenshots

How are you measuring usage?

Through analytics, which tells us how many downloads there have been and how many active users we have. Performance data is key for us, so we can make sure the app continues to give users the best experience possible.

Why did you opt for an app, over a mobile/responsive site?

After undertaking customer research, it was clear candidates preferred using an app to search for jobs over visiting the site on their mobiles/tablets. Whist we are still planning on updating our website to a mobile/responsive design, the research made it clear that in the first instance an app would be key.

What advice would you give to other businesses thinking of developing their own app?

Make sure your app is user-orientated and fit for purpose. Whether it offers different features to your website or refines an existing element, it’s important to make sure the right information is being delivered via the most suitable tool.

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