2016 Summer of Sport

Capturing Seasonal Opportunities Pt II – Google’s HoA series Elevenses takes advantage of the large sporting events happening this summer

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As the Euros kicks off (ahem!) and with the Olympic countdown clock ticking, Google’s agency account strategist George Kingston covers three tips for successfully making sure your advertising efforts mirror the needs of the people enjoying the large sporting events this summer.

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  1. It’s mobile
  2. It’s a journey
  3. It’s context

The first half (ahem!) from former Olympic sprinter Janet Quatchi left us feeling inspired for the second part of the hangout (20:37 minutes).

It’s mobile

George told us that mobile now makes up 40% of Olympic-related searches, which unsurprisingly will increase closer to the event.

Anecdotally, during the London Olympics 60% of the website visits happened on a mobile during the games. Similarly, during the 2014 world cup final mobile and desktop search was fairly comparable. However, in-play mobile activity rockets with popular scenarios like a player scoring and we search how many caps said player has etc.

At half time, we may then order a pizza followed by a full time search for commentary of the competition winner or a local taxi rank for a big night out after the game.

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George also told us that 84% of consumers use their mobile as a second screen to the television during television viewing. In short,

“be present with content that’s concise and contextual”

Here’s your mobile checklist

  • Competitive mobile bids
    • Be part of the consumer journey. There are traditionally 5 steps to conversion, 2-3 of which are conducted on mobile
  • Mobile preferred creative
    • Users will glance at their mobile whilst otherwise engaged so make sure you greet users with the information they are searching for straight away
  • Intuitive landing pages
    • In the scenario “searching for a restaurant” people won’t want to know the history of the restaurant, they’ll want to see an online menu with opening times
  • Mobile Sitelinks / Call Extensions / Maps
    • Need petrol on the way home? – maps
  • Fast mSite
    • The basis of the mSite is that it’s fast

Top tip: try out Google’s new tool Test My Site to test how mobile friendly your site it.

2. It’s a journey

Travelling fans may be searching for; loans or overdrafts, air travel, sea travel, accommodation, sports and summer retail. Fans at home may be searching for; local transport (bus, train and taxi services), supermarkets (BBQ supplies), staycations and social outings.

The mobile phone becomes multi-functional; a GPS, entertainment and a device to connect with friends.

3. It’s context

Creating engaging ad extensions with a compelling and relevant offer, for example, 10% off with every England win, helps to add value to the consumer journey.

Whether your consumers are enjoying the events this summer; Euros, Wimbledon or the Olympics, at home or travelling abroad it’s time to harness their energy and excitement and capture the seasonal marketing opportunities on offer.

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