10 New Year’s SEO Resolutions for Website Owners and Managers

Looking for a fresh start for your business in 2014? Here’s 10 New Year resolutions that could help you get off to a great start.

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As in life, sometimes it pays to step back from the day-to-day and review what you’re doing and why.

So if you’ve already set targets for your personal life (lose weight, exercise more etc.) then this list is for you.

Here’s a list of 10 New Year’s Resolutions that combined, will make a tangible difference to your business.

1) Back link profile

Google is becoming more stringent in terms of what qualifies as a good link. If you’ve got any skeletons in your back link closet, it might be time to do something about them before you get a full blown penalty.

2) Meta content plan

Put a note in your calendar to review this every six months. New pages are often added to a site but not properly optimised, as well as existing pages needing a tweak here and there to respond to the competition. You’ll need to keep in touch with future changes to SEO too – failing to optimise your site regularly is optimising your site to fail.

3) Build a responsive site

Very few industries and businesses can claim to be untouched by the formidable rise of tablets and mobiles. Admittedly some businesses will see more traffic from these devices than others but without a responsive site you’re very unlikely to win any new business this way.

4) Create good content

That’s it in a nutshell. Write great content for your own site as well as for other sites too and you’re building a reputation as an industry thought leader – good for potential customers as well as search engines.

5) Blog

I’m assuming you’re already blogging so this point is about getting more people involved to vary the content. Organise quarterly meetings with a variety of different departments and employees and I’ll put money on it that they’ll come up with some inspiring and less run of the mill content ideas.

6) Video

Can you create a short video that does the same job as a longer text article? Go film.

7) Social media

Stop trying to be all things to all (wo)men. Work out where your customers really are and then focus your efforts on that channel. Too much time and resource can be spent on social media without any significant business gain, financially or reputationally.

8) Tone of voice

Multi channel marketing has the potential pitfall of not being joined up. Ensure your website, email marketing, online advertising, blog, external articles and social channels are all singing from the same hymn sheet.

9) Mystery shop

Act like a customer and regularly buy something from your company or register an interest on your own website. Experiencing the customer journey first hand from start to finish, focusing on the digital elements, can be a useful exercise.

10) Try something new

It might not be ‘new’ media any more but things still change quickly in the world of digital marketing. If you can, put a small budget aside to try something new each quarter. If it doesn’t work, move on, but it just might!

Have you made any New Year resolutions for your business? Share below or tweet us @Browser_Media.

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